Titanium Expansion Project

Ready to Handle Your Titanium Forging Requirements

Weber Metals has invested over $30M USD to expand our capabilities in converting ingot to billets and hand forgings up to 20,000 lbs (9071 kgs) and 25ft (7.62m) long. Our state of the art computer controls on our press and automated manipulators reduce variability and lead time. The benefit to our customers is optimizing material utilization for our titanium forgings. 

Engineered Hand Forgings

Engineered Hand Forgings

An Online Presentation Showcasing Shaped Hand Forgings

Weber Metals is an industry leader in the design and fabrication of complex hand forgings.  Our complex hand forgings are shaped to reduce material requirements, provide superior micro structure and grain flow, and are delivered in the full heat treated condition...  » view

Large Forgings


An Online Presentation Showcasing Larger Forgings

Weber’s largest closed die press is operationally controlled to 33000 tons. The press frame is constantly monitored by a series of strain gauges assuring that forging loads do not unnecessarily fatigue nor exceed the yield strength of the press frame....  » view

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Forged Blocks - Instant Online Quotes
(Price Last Updated May 4, 2010)

Order Forged Blocks OnlineThe Weber Metals SLAB Beta Program website is a website designed to meet the needs of our customers looking for "off the shelf" forged blocks.

This web based pricing tool will conveniently provide you immediate estimates as well as expedite delivery of your block forgings...  » more

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Weber supports FIERF's mission and goals for the forging industry in collaborative research, developing forging technology, and supporting education.

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Die Furnace

Greener Furnace

Weber installed a new die furnace with heating efficiencies capable of supporting 21 shifts per week for 1/3 the BTUs of a comparable furnace.

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